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You get the Chess Monkey with the Solar Monkey by getting 10,000 pops! It will appear like a rainbow, and if you click the rainbow it will grant you the monkeys and special tracks, or if you don't have 10,000+ pops it shows how many pops you still need!


Chess Monkey Shoots our black/white circles which do 1 pop and pierce through 2 bloons It looks like a checkered square with a white dart monkey on it Costs $350

Path 1 Bishops helm Costs $400 Now shoots double speed and pops 2 layers and pierces through 3 bloons! It now looks like a Chess Monkey 0-0 but with a white knight helmet on

Pawn Flexibility Costs $475 It can shoot out 2 white and 2 black boomerangs out of its main body which act like a recoloured boomerang throwers boomerang! It looks like it has 4 cannons in each corner, with 2 black and 2 white

Rook Movement Costs 525$ It has the ability to shoot out 4 circles and 4 black/white boomerangs! It now looks like the square turned into a white tower.

Anti-bloon Queen Costs $3000 It shoots out 10 circles and 14 boomerangs at a time, and is double speed! It has a white queen crown on the white dart monkeys head


Path 2 Horse Mask Costs $450 The circles/boomerangs can home in on enemys! Its head turns into a horse head!

Bishop Call Costs $525 It can summon black bishops which move along the screen diagonally, popping 2 layers with a maxnum of 5 at once No visual changes except from a black staff in the horses hand

Dawn of the Pawn Costs $1000 Shoots out bigger circles which can pop 5 layers and pierce infinitely It looks like there are rays of light beaming on the tower, making it look like its dawn

Kings Troops $4000 Set ability: Summons 20 bishops and 10 rooks at once! Rook stats: pops 4 layers, but only moves straight forward and not diagonally. It looks like the horse has a kings crown on its head!

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