Bloons Tower Defense 6 adds a ton of new features. It includes Retro Tracks, Craftable Items, and more MOABs.

Tracks Edit

Grassy Glade

Crystal Cavern

Dusty Dunes

Freezing Fields

Tropical Resort

Bloon Jungle

Monkey Mountain


Volatile Volcano

Hilly Hills

Bloon River

Lazy Lake

Foilage Forest

Bloon Trees

Inward Spiral

Red X

Bloontonium Reactor

Bloontonium Mine

Monkey Lane

Snake River

Ocean Road

Power Pool

Towers Edit

All Regular BTD5, BTD5Deluxe, and BTD5IoS Towers.

Poison Monkey

Monkey Tank

Items Edit

Game Modes Edit


Medium(Sniper/Builder/Techno Terror)

Hard(Robo/Techno Terror/Vengeful Sun God)

Impoppable(85 rounds, 1 lives, more expensive, final round has 5 ZOMGs)

Genesis of the Bloon/Surviving the Apocalypse/X's Frightening Fury(100 rounds, 1 life, with boss, like Impoppable)


Genesis Bloon

Apocalypse Bloon




Bloons Edit

Dark Bloons

Glass Bloons

Status Effects

Abilities for MOABs

Shadow Bloon


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