This is for Bloons Tower Defense 6.


Summon Zebras Edit

Summons 50 Zebra Bloons.

Speed Up Edit

Speeds up by 25% for 5 seconds.

Ornery Shards Edit

Shoots 3 towers with shards that do 5 damage each.

BFB Edit

Summon Rainbows Edit

Summons 50 Rainbow Bloons.

Cannon Attack Edit

Shoots a single cannon ball that does 10 damage to a tower.

Summon Ceramics Edit

Summons 10 Ceramic Bloons

DDT Edit

Summon Camo Edit

Summons 25 Rainbow Camo Bloons

Summon Lead Edit

Summons 25 Rainbow Lead Bloons

Speed Up Edit

Goes 35% faster for 5 seconds

Darkness Blast Edit

Shoots a dark blast that does 15 damage to a tower


Summon MOABs Edit

Summons 10 MOABs

Summon Super Ceramics Edit

Summons 25 Super Ceramics

Big Cannon Edit

Shoots a single cannon ball that does 20 damage to a tower

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